Commercial Car Wash Vs At-Home Washing

When your car gets dirty, you have two options: bring it to a car wash or clean it yourself. But which one is better? A commercial car wash can be more beneficial than washing your car at home, but there are several things to consider, like the quality, time, and cost. Here are the things … Read more

Different Types of Paint Protection

Most car owners will agree; after having your car washed, the best thing you can do is apply a protective coating to preserve your car’s paint. Paint protection will not only make your vehicle look pristine and shiny but also protect it from scratches and swirls. There are many ways to protect your car’s exterior … Read more

Is Professional Detailing Worth It?

Whether it’s on the road or parked outdoors, your car experiences the elements and the contaminants they bring. Debris such as road salt, road tar, dust, and bugs accumulate. Over time, paint swirls, scratches, and fading will appear on your car. These paint issues will worsen if left unchecked. Professional car detailing is the best … Read more

A Guide to Car Wash Safety

Car wash owners and managers should focus on the safety of their shops and the wellbeing of their employees. Removing hazards and being mindful of them will make the workplace more productive. Make sure your working environment follows basic car wash safety protocols: Keep Everything Organized Make sure that the walking surfaces in your car … Read more

Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Whether it’s brand-new or pre-loved, it’s vital to maintain your car. Regular maintenance will save you money and ensure that your hard-earned investment lasts a long time. Here are four car care and maintenance tips to prolong your car’s life span: Check Your Tires Check your tires and make sure they have the recommended pressure. … Read more