Cleaning a car engine is a complicated and intimidating task. Due to the mechanical parts, electrical components, and more under the hood, many people cringe at the notion of a do-it-yourself engine cleaning job. While it might sound like this sort of project is daunting, the truth is that your car engine is quite easy to clean. Follow these four basic steps, and you can complete the task in less than an hour.

1.   Wrap Delicate Components

Engine bays can easily get dirty. Due to the machine’s movement and heat, oil, grease, and grime accumulate in these areas. Before cleaning the engine bay, wrap all delicate components like the battery, air intake, and the control unit with plastic bags or cling wrap.

It would help if you mark your wrappings with something visible, so you don’t forget to remove them later. Wrapping car components is an excellent way to reduce the risk of damage during cleaning.

2.   Get Rid of Dirt and Dust

If you are finished with the wrapping, get the water running and spray down your engine bay until all the dust, mud, and dirt is gone. Be sure not to use too much pressure when washing away your engine bay. You want to ensure that water doesn’t get trapped in cracks or crevices where it can be difficult to drain.

3.   Remove Grease Layers

Apply engine degreaser on areas filled with oil and grease and leave it for 2-3 minutes. The best method for removing layers of accumulated oily residue is to use an engine cleaner. This will remove most of the oil stains that have settled on the surface, making cleaning much easier without using abrasives like sandpaper or scratch pads.

Choosing a degreaser with a gel or foam formula will help get a cleaner result for the vertical parts. A small brush may also be used to get into nooks and crannies.

4.   Rinse It All Down

Before rinsing the engine bay, get some disposable mats and place them beneath the engine under the car. This is needed because degreasers are chemicals that can harm the environment. Rinse off the engine cleaner with your hose after placing your mats, ensuring that the degreaser-carrying water is being caught and absorbed by the mats.

When it comes to keeping your engine clean, consider these simple steps to protect your car from harmful external factors and keep it working at its best. If you want a clean car engine, contact our professionals at the GS Carwash Centre in Ontario today. We’ll help you with your vehicle’s cleaning and detailing needs.

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