5 Tips on How to Preserve Your Custom Wheels
A car, on its own, is already a hefty investment. But what more if there are modified parts installed on it? Sometimes, these can be just as costly as the vehicle itself.

The same can be said about custom wheels, which add character to your car’s exteriors. However, for these to last a long time, one must practice proper care and maintenance. So, how do you go about it? Here are several tips you need to remember.

1) Know the Finish

Different finishes require different methods and frequencies of cleaning. Painted and chrome-plated finishes are easy to maintain, while polished aluminum finishes require plenty of time and hard work. Whatever the finish may be, knowing what wheel maintenance method is appropriate for the job and how often you should clean play a big part in preserving the finish of the wheels.

2) Use Mild Soap

Did you know that soap and water can do wonders for the wheels of your vehicle? Avoid acid solutions and harsh cleaning products that compromise their finish. Use mild soap weekly, and be sure to rinse and dry afterward to avoid rusting or corrosion. Alternatively, switch to a dedicated cleaner when the dirt is too stubborn.

3) Avoid Abrasive Tools

The softer, the better. This idea also applies to the tools used for maintaining your custom wheels. Stay away from abrasive pads or stiff bristle brushes. Instead, use a soft brush or cloth to remove all the dirt and smudges on the surface. The last thing you want to see are scratches on your precious custom wheels.

4) Don’t Wash Warm

Custom wheels are generally softer than manufacturer wheels. As a result, the former is prone to water spots that are hard to remove without a complete refinish. These happen when the custom wheels are warm and exposed to cold water. Make sure they are cool to the touch before doing any cleaning or detailing work.

5) Apply Sealant

Cleaning with plenty of elbow work can only do so much. A coat of high-quality wheel sealant has lasting benefits so that you don’t have to clean as often as you should. Apart from protection against high-temperature brake dust, wheel sealants also help avoid permanent marks appearing on your custom wheels’ surfaces.

Wheel Maintenance Made Easy Custom wheels are a significant investment, so practicing regular auto care and maintenance can go a long way. If you don’t have the time or experience to do all the legwork, turn to our auto shop at GS Carwash Centre. We provide custom wheel cleaning services to vehicle owners in Hamilton, ON. Contact us for more details!