Whenever the topic of car safety comes up, people mostly discuss brakes, seatbelts, and airbags. These are essential features, of course, but what about headlights?

Headlights (also called headlamps) illuminate the way, especially when in the dark or under bad weather. It would be nearly impossible to drive under these conditions without a set of crystal clear headlights, making them an integral safety feature of your vehicle.

As headlights are basically your car’s eyes, they should be maintained for them to perform well. Maintaining them doesn’t just involve replacing the bulbs when they get busted. You should also look after their covers or lenses.

Over time, lenses get foggy, hazy, or dirty, which decreases visibility at night. Here are some reasons for foggy car lights:

  • Water Vapor
    Headlights come with a watertight seal, but they may eventually leak. This causes condensation to form inside the lens.
  • Debris

Whenever you’re on the road, sand, pebbles, and other debris may hurl towards the headlamps. They scratch and wear out the coating on the lens covers, causing them to get cloudy.

  • UV Rays

Years of exposure to sunlight will take their toll on your headlight lenses, which are made of acrylic. Although they have a protective coating, UV rays from the sun will eventually wear them off, causing the lenses to turn yellowish and hazy.

  • Dirt and Other Chemicals

If not regularly cleaned, dirt, hard water, and other chemicals can form a thin layer on the headlight covers. This layer can decrease the actual brightness of your headlamps.

Even with regular washing, your car lights will still get foggy or hazy. As this is inevitable, here are the reasons why it is crucial to maintain a set of crystal clear headlights.

Optimal Visibility

Foggy lenses can dim your headlights. If your car lights are not bright enough, driving at night, even at a moderate speed, would be difficult. Poor lighting can also strain your eyes in the long run.

If you have clear and bright headlights, you can clearly see the road, even on poorly lit streets, mountain roads, or in the pouring rain. You can drive more confidently, knowing that you will not get blindsided by any obstacles on the road.

Improved Safety

Clear headlights let other drivers see you easily, reducing the risk of accidental collisions. As mentioned earlier, a well-illuminated roadway also allows you to avoid any obstacles on your way when you see them.

Good Looks

Crystal clear lenses give your ride that “car show look” or “brand new” appearance, which can add value, especially if you’re planning to sell your car. In terms of looks and safety, having clean headlights is definitely a win-win.

To bring your lenses back to their crystal clear glory, we recommend you have them professionally restored. For headlight cleaning and restoration services in Hamilton, ON, contact GS Car Wash Centre.