Sometimes, getting a traditional car wash may not be enough for you. You may be looking for a more efficient service to clean your car thoroughly, especially when it comes to major stains or strong smells. Read on to learn more about steam cleaning and find out how getting this service can be good for your vehicle.

What Is Car Steam Cleaning?

Car steam cleaning is a service that uses pressurized water sprays to clean the exterior and interior parts of your car. This is done by first filling up an electric-powered steamer with water. Then, this is heated to be turned into hot water vapor. Afterward, the steam will be released by pressing a trigger.

What Are the Benefits?

As mentioned, this technique can efficiently clean both the inside and outside of your car. Here are some of the benefits of car steam cleaning:

  • It is safe for your car’s paint since such products are made to endure the high temperature from the steam. In addition, steam has no chemicals that can dull down or damage your car’s coating.
  • This is an eco-friendly option since it doesn’t require as much water as other methods. Plus, it is also free from emissions.
  • This doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, which, in turn, doesn’t leave any toxic residue on your car.
  • This also properly cleans off surfaces without leaving any streaks. This is because it doesn’t use brushes or cloths, unlike other methods. In addition, the steam doesn’t come in hard contact with your vehicle.
  • Because of its high temperature, the steam can kill dust mites and other infectious microorganisms found in your car’s air conditioner. This would be helpful, especially to people who have respiratory issues.
  • This can clean areas that are hard to reach, such as dashboards, vents, armrests, and cupholders, through the precision of the nozzle.
  • This deep-cleans fabric quickly to get them to smell fresh as soon as possible.

Get Car Care Services From GS Carwash & Detailing Centre
If you’re looking for this type of service, visit us at GS Carwash & Detailing Centre. We provide an interior detailing service that utilizes deep-steam cleaning to remove major stains on your vehicle. You can also check out our other car care tips to learn how you can better maintain the quality of your car. Get your car professionally scrubbed and polished by giving us a visit today.

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