Cleaning your car should be more than just spraying it down with water and soap or running it to the car wash for a quick bath. Frankly, it is much more important to keep the inside clean than it is the outside.

Sure, cleaning the interior of your car can be a lot of work but think of it as your room. Wouldn’t it be better to drive inside a clean car?

There are layers to your car’s interior, the floors, the surfaces, and the seats, those are all important spots to keep clean. It isn’t just a courtesy to your passengers, but it is also a way to make your car last. You don’t necessarily have to pay too much to get it done, either. Cleaning your car’s interior is a service to your car but it is also a necessity.

It’s time to give the inside of your car the care it deserves, and here’s how you can do that:

Choose The Right Car Wash

Although washing your car by yourself is not impossible, it’s still better to have it done by actual professionals. Of course, you can’t go to just any car wash. You want to make sure to chose one that can be trusted to do their job well. Here are some factors you might want to put into consideration when choosing a car wash shop:

Services and Convenience

Always double-check whether the car wash shop you plan to go to has the latest and quality procedures and equipment. The best car wash is one that offers a variety of services so its able to meet the different needs of different cars and their owners.

Make sure you understand the type of technology they use before sending your car to a car wash. There are some automatic car washes that use abrasive brushes and bristles. You should make sure to choose an automatic car wash that uses microfiber towels and foam brushes.

A touchless car wash is also another alternative. In a touchless car wash, the equipment doesn’t come into direct contact with the vehicle, and sometimes the cleaning may not be as good as the car wash with a soft foam brush.

Importance of Washing Beneath the Vehicle

Ignoring the hard-to-reach parts beneath a vehicle’s hood can harm your car in the long run. Choose a car wash shop that understands how vital it is to clean and maintain not just the exterior of a car, but its interior as well.

Cleaning the interior of a car can help prevent corrosion and other problems. Experts can also make sure that the car is properly dried so that excessive moisture doesn’t end up damaging it. If you have a hard time cleaning the parts of your vehicle that you can’t reach or see, then it’s always advisable to bring it to a professional.

Verify Legality

Before heading to a car wash near you, make sure that it’s safe and reputable. You can search for online reviews and testimonials about the car wash to verify this.

You can also ask around you neighborhood and see if they all don’t show any reservations about that specific car wash. This is always a good sign that the car wash can be trusted.

Understand The Process

Now that you know how to choose the best car wash for you, one other thing you can do is to understand how their cleaning process works. Knowing the process will help you better judge whether they’re doing their job right or not.

These are the general steps involved in the process:

1. Taking out your floor mats

Since they are removable, they are usually removed and then vacuumed or given a good scrub before they are left out in the sun. If they aren’t removable, an upholstery cleaner is typically used to clean them inside your car.

2. Vacuuming

Debris and crumbs usually accumulate underneath the floormats, in between seats, and in the crevices of the car. These particles are taken care of first before moving on to the dirt that you might not be able to see.

3. Dusting and Disinfecting

A sponge or brush, and a spray bottle or bucket can be used to clean the surfaces deeply but most car wash shops are equipped with the latest equipment to efficiently dust and disinfect your car.

4. Cleaning the Console and Steering Wheel

When cleaning the console, it’s important to be careful and mindful of the wiring and other devices that would be dangerous if they got too wet. But these are also the parts of your car that get touched the most often so they take in more dirt than you can imagine, hence they are given the most attention during the cleaning process.

5. Interior windows

Windows need to be kept clean to avoid accidents, you want to have a clear view of the outside when driving, so both sides of your windows are thoroughly cleaned by the experts.

6. Seats

The seats are also the most touched areas of your car, different people sit on them and sometimes you don’t know where those people have been, so there may be substances that get onto your seats without you realizing. Wiping your car seats and deep cleaning them is another important step in interior cleaning.

Keeping your car interior clean is such an important part of car maintenance, it takes time and effort, and it can be tedious work, so if you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, car wash centers do not only offer exterior cleaning but interior detailing as well, places like GS Car Wash Centre will keep your car feeling fresh and looking great inside out. No matter where, no matter how, always keep in mind to get your car interior maintained.