Road salt makes driving in winter safer. It helps melt snow and prevents accidents like collisions and car crashes during winter. However, salt is corrosive and can damage your car’s exterior, especially the doors, fenders, hood, tailgate, and undercarriage, as these parts retain a lot of moisture. To protect your car from road salt damage during winter, here are some practices you can follow:

Avoid Driving in Bad Weather

Avoid driving before and after a snowstorm if possible, as these are the times when fresh salt is spread on roads. Before a snowstorm, roads will be pre-treated in salt so that snow does not turn into black ice. The same happens after a blizzard. Salt is applied to melt the ice and make the roads less slippery.

Steer Clear of Puddles

Avoid driving through puddles because they contain a lot of dirt and salt. Doing so can spread salt to your undercarriage. This can cause difficulty in cleaning the underside of your vehicle, and, if left uncleaned, will corrode metal parts.

Have Exposed Paint Spots Repaired

Check your car’s exterior if any paint spots need correcting. If there are, bring your vehicle to a paint shop and have it fixed. Paint protects your car’s metal parts from rusting. If your vehicle has exposed metallic parts, it will have a higher risk of rusting when they come into contact with salt.

Wash and Wax Your Car Regularly

The best way to protect your car is by washing it regularly, at least every ten days. Ensure that you don’t wash your vehicle in extremely cold temperatures so the water doesn’t freeze on your car’s finish. Wash your car thoroughly, making sure to remove salt from every side of your vehicle. Clean your tires to minimize the amount of salt kicked back onto the body.

Apply a coat of wax as an added layer of protection. Wax ensures that salt, dirt, and other debris will not stick to your car’s surface. Remember to reapply wax when it wears out.

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