We understand why consumers are drawn to automated and full service car washes. You may get your car cleaned by a cyclone of water and soap without even getting out of your vehicle.

Is it, however, safe to use an automatic car wash? In this post, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various car cleaning processes and whether they are worth your money.

Home Car Wash

Car washing at home may be enjoyable, pleasant, and satisfying. If you already have the necessary tools, such as water buckets and microfiber towels, you simply need to worry about the price of the soap and warm water.

Washing your automobile yourself, on the other hand, will need more effort and energy. It can take a couple of hours to clean your vehicle if you do it yourself completely.

Furthermore, while the tools you have at hand will clean your vehicle, they may not produce the same results as taking it to a professional. In fact, cleaning your automobile as efficiently as the pros is not an easy task.

Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes are convenient, economical, and easily available, making them the go-to option for many car owners. However, unattended automatic car washes have some history.

Some of the concerns are that their bristles can damage paintwork due to their hardness and because they’re covered in dirt taken from previous customers’ vehicles.

In defence of auto washes, it’s important to note that the technology and materials utilized for their brushes have dramatically improved over the years.  Things made of foam and microfiber remove dirt more efficiently and provide a gentler cleanse than bristly nylon bristles.

Self Serve Pressure Washer Car Wash

Pressure washers are generally seen as a milder alternative to automated car washes. They’re fun to use and excellent for blasting dirt off a dusty automobile.

Most will include a variety of capabilities, such as a brush attachment and a shampoo function. Even yet, because pressure washers lack a drying function and also not very efficient for hard to reach areas, they may not deliver full cleaning as compared with a full service car wash Hamilton.

Some users also say that if you allow the tip to go too close to the vehicle, pressure washers can tear small flakes of paint off. It’s also a wise idea to take it easy on the tires to avoid putting too much strain on the rubber materials.

It’s important to note that this type of car wash is usually self-service in that you would be washing the car yourself using a pressure washer.

Full Service Car Wash

Those concerned that automated car wash brushes would damage their automobile’s paintwork can seek out a full-service commercial car wash.

They are more expensive than regular car wash, but you may choose how you want your car washed and have the inside done as well. Even better, the good ones will wash each vehicle with fresh water and hand dry to wipe off water drops.

While the price of each wash will vary depending on what you want done and the provider’s pricing policy, it’s often worth committing to a specific deal premised on your needs.

If you take particular interest in the exterior of your vehicle, having it properly detailed at this facility is another excellent choice. Depending on the products you want to apply, you can pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Key Takeaway

It takes time to wash your car yourself, but you may be meticulous and ensure that every part is pristine. However, you may not be able to clean your vehicle as thoroughly as specialists.

Thus, you can always take your car to a corporate car wash, such as GS Car Wash. They do it efficiently by washing your vehicle with the appropriate tools and ensuring that your vehicle looks its best!

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