The winter months can be harmful to your car. To prevent long-term problems, pay attention to specific car components during the cold season. Doing so can help prevent damage and possible headaches. Here are five important winter car care tips:

Get Winter Tires

Snow makes driving more difficult and dangerous, so you should get winter tires. These specialized tires will help your car gain more traction with softer rubber and a special tread pattern. Snow tires won’t completely save you from sliding, but they significantly make driving safer than regular tires when driving on winter terrain.

Replace Oil With Winter Oil

Purchase oil made for the winter season because the cold weather will make your car’s oil thicker. It would be best to use multi-viscosity oil that flows well even at cold temperatures. Check the vehicle’s manual to determine what oil your car manufacturer recommends.

Check Your Car’s Fluid Levels

It’s crucial to maintain proper fluid levels, especially during winter. First, check your engine coolant. To prevent your coolant from freezing, mix a 50/50 ratio of antifreeze and water.

Also, check your washer fluid. During the cold months, make sure you use fluid with a low freezing point. Water in your reservoir and tubes can freeze, so it’s safer to get good, winter-grade washer fluid.

Lastly, always maintain a good amount of fuel. At the very least, keep your fuel tank half full. Doing so can help prevent your fuel pump from freezing. High fuel levels will also allow you to keep your engine running and keep you warm in the event of an emergency.

Ensure Your Battery Is Still in Good Condition

A battery can have a hard time operating during winter, so have your battery tested by professionals. You might have a weak or defective battery, which can die completely in the cold. If that’s the case, replace it immediately. A fresh battery ensures that your car runs well, even in the cold weather.

Have Your Car Washed and Waxed

Protect your car from road salt during winter. The primary purpose of road salt is to help melt ice on the road. It makes winter driving a bit safer. However, it can potentially damage your car’s finish. The best way to prevent your car’s exterior from being damaged is to keep your car clean.

Wash your car thoroughly, including the tires, suspension, brakes, and undercarriage components. Road salt is corrosive, so make sure to remove all of it. After washing, apply some heavy-duty wax and undercarriage sealant as added layers of protection.

These winter car care tips will help your car perform better during the cold months. If you want to protect your vehicle against winter damage, have it detailed by professionals. Contact GS Car Wash & Detailing Centre today!

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