Most car owners will agree; after having your car washed, the best thing you can do is apply a protective coating to preserve your car’s paint. Paint protection will not only make your vehicle look pristine and shiny but also protect it from scratches and swirls. There are many ways to protect your car’s exterior other than a simple car wash & wax. Here are the different types of paint protection:


The most common type of paint protection is wax. It is the least expensive and most commonly used. Wax makes your paint shiny and protects it from dirt and grime. However, it can’t protect your vehicle from scratches and swirls. Among all the types of paint protection, wax wears off the quickest. It can last up to four months, depending on its exposure to the elements and frequency of washing


Similar to wax, synthetic paint sealants leave a great shine on a car’s paint. But unlike regular polish, this type of protection is stronger than wax. It can hold on to the car’s paint for up to six months because sealants are more resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating can last for as long as four years. This type offers the best protection for your car’s paint. It’s extremely resistant to UV rays and various substances that can harm your paint, like water stains, grime, and bird droppings. This coating won’t get removed easily. It bonds with the car’s paint, forming another layer that cannot be wiped off. This coating is also resistant to light swirls, so your paint will look good for a more extended period.

Paint Protective Film

Paint protective film (PPF) offers the best buffer among all of the paint protection types available. It is highly resistant to contaminants and UV light that damages your car’s paint. PPF also lasts longer than other paint protection types. It can last for more than 10 years with proper care.

PPF consists of thermoplastic urethane, and it is commonly attached to the front bumper, hood, and headlights of the vehicle. The film is usually placed at the front of the car, protecting it from rock chips and other oncoming debris that can damage your paint.

Car washes offer different paint protection options, and each one has its own benefits. Protect your car’s paint by calling GS Car Wash & Detailing Centre for car wash & wax services in Ontario today!