Benefits of Car Wash & Wax

Your car’s clear coat protects your paint, but it can get damaged over time. When it does get damaged, your vehicle’s paint is susceptible to fading and corrosion. To prevent this from occurring, your vehicle should have regular car wash & wax sessions. Here are some benefits of applying wax after a wash: Adds a … Read more

Five Important Car Care Tips for Winter

The winter months can be harmful to your car. To prevent long-term problems, pay attention to specific car components during the cold season. Doing so can help prevent damage and possible headaches. Here are five important winter car care tips: Get Winter Tires Snow makes driving more difficult and dangerous, so you should get winter … Read more

Benefits of Winter Car Wash and Detailing

During the winter season, the road conditions can be dangerous. Road salt is scattered during the cold weather to prevent accidental collisions and crashes. As helpful as salt may be for you, it can be detrimental to your car. De-icing salts can damage your car’s paint and metallic parts. The best way to prevent this … Read more

Ways To Protect Your Car From Road Salt Damage

Road salt makes driving in winter safer. It helps melt snow and prevents accidents like collisions and car crashes during winter. However, salt is corrosive and can damage your car’s exterior, especially the doors, fenders, hood, tailgate, and undercarriage, as these parts retain a lot of moisture. To protect your car from road salt damage … Read more