Car wash owners and managers should focus on the safety of their shops and the wellbeing of their employees. Removing hazards and being mindful of them will make the workplace more productive. Make sure your working environment follows basic car wash safety protocols:

Keep Everything Organized

Make sure that the walking surfaces in your car wash are clean and free from clutter. After using the tools and cleaning supplies, place them back in their proper storage. Also, clean the floors. They become slippery when they are covered in water, soap, and polishing compounds. Slips and trips can happen if you don’t keep everything organized, and they result in injuries like cuts, bruises, sprains, and even fractures and concussions.

To add, make sure your employees move in an organized manner. Remind them to walk carefully around the shop and maintain proper posture when working on cars. This prevents muscle sprains and strains that hinder them from working efficiently.

Use Proper Equipment When Handling and Storing Chemicals

Car cleaning agents like detergents, waxes, and polishes can be hazardous, so make sure that these chemicals are handled and stored properly. They can irritate your skin and eyes when mishandled. To avoid injuries, have your employees wear proper protective equipment like goggles, face shields, and gloves. Also, review each chemical’s safety data sheet, and mark the containers of these chemicals clearly.

 Handle Equipment Properly

Your employees should always be alert because incidents involving machinery can happen at any moment. It’s crucial for them to know the proper handling and operating equipment procedures to avoid mechanical accidents in the workplace. Also, train your employees on what to do in case of an accident.

Electrical accidents can happen as well, so make sure that each piece of equipment is safe to use. Check if your electrical tools have exposed wiring and have them sent for repairs if they’re damaged. Make sure to keep them away from water. You should not let your employees operate electrical instruments if they have wet hands or are standing on a wet surface.

Get Professional Services

Have your car cleaned at a professional car wash. At GS Car Wash & Detailing Centre, car wash safety is one of our top priorities. Contact us for professional car cleaning and detailing services today!