Having a car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, so keeping it in tip-top shape should be your priority. Doing so includes detailing the interiors, which is just as important as washing the vehicle’s exteriors.

However, that should not always be the case. Inside a car, there should be a comfortable and neat atmosphere for both the driver and the passengers. If interior detailing is not up your alley, here are several tips and tricks you can use to get your vehicle looking and feeling new from the inside.

1) Remove Loose Items

You have to start somewhere. Before cleaning your car’s interiors, remove charging cables, cup holders, sports equipment, and other items that may be lying around. Doing so allows you to focus on more important areas of the vehicle and begin the auto detailing process smoothly and seamlessly.

2) Deodorize the Interiors

Entering a foul-smelling car is the last thing you want to happen. It may result from cigarette smoke, a stinky gym bag, a combination of both, or other factors. Steam cleaning is the best way to do when it comes to eliminating odors, while regularly cleaning the cabin air filter gets to the root cause of the offensive funk.

3) Brush and Vacuum Carpet and Upholstery

Brushing and vacuuming is a great way to remove all the dust and dirt that have built up over time, whatever material your car’s carpets and upholstery are made of. In some cases, professional auto detailers use both a high-powered vacuum and a coarse brush to loosen up and agitate dirt particles.

4) Sanitize the Seat Belts

Regarding cleaning, seat belts may be among the most overlooked parts of a car. The bad news is that these safety devices may harbor loads of bacteria. Scrubbing the seat belts with an all-purpose cleaner and a toothbrush can effectively sanitize them. Be sure to wipe the belts using a microfiber cloth and keep the belts extended until fully dry.

5) Use the Right Cloth for Window Cleaning

Cloths come in different types and textures. Using paper towels will leave lint and fuzz on your glass windows. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to ensure a streak-free and shiny finish. You may also use this for cleaning door panels and wiping down vinyl.

Interior Auto Detailing Made Easy If these methods cannot get the job done or if you are still unsure about doing all the interior detailing by yourself, consider hiring the auto detailers at GS Car wash Centre. We offer a wide range of interior auto detailing packages at reasonable rates.